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Tom Brimeyer Review - Dieting is not a stress to the body

Among the main advantages of diet system distinguished: Opportunity to have your favorite foods to lose weight and not harm health.

Diet does not require the calculation of calories and is based on a separate feed, so easy to use for every day. Diet accounts for minus 60 calendar holidays, or stressful situations that lead to disruptions in nutrition Tom Brimeyer Review

The increase in weight occurs gradually, not immediately. Dieting is not a stress to the body and is gradually becoming a constant power supply system (every day is introduced to two rules of diet), and of little use to shape products gradually eliminated from the list (reviewed confirm this). Products in the diet menu for the week are available to everyone. 

Diet menus - Style food requires adjustment on meals and a list of products that are anchored to the time of day:

•    Breakfast - up to 12 hours of the day;

•    Lunch - about 13-14 hours, but not later;

•    Supper - averaging up to 18 hours and no later than 20 hours.  Food menu for the week on the system minus 60 is made simple and only requires compliance with the rules on product selection.

Breakfast - Diet minus 60 gives you the opportunity to start your day nicely, as it allows to eat flour, chocolate, ice cream and cookies and drink soda (if you really want) The Success Stories

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